Wisconsin’s ‘miracle mom’ united with baby she gave birth to in COVID-19 coma: video

After three months in the hospital, following her diagnosis of COVID-19 in October, a woman from Wisconsin left the hospital last week to unite with the baby she carried, but did not had never been encountered.

According to a Monday University of Wisconsin Health statement, Kelsey Townsend gave birth at Madison University Hospital, on November 4, in a medically induced coma.

On Thursday, Townsend was released and reunited with her husband and four children – the first time she had met and been able to hold her newborn baby, Lucy, the declaration mentionned.

Townsend was diagnosed with COVID-19 in October, when she was nine months pregnant, the declaration said, and his condition rapidly deteriorated.

According to declaration, for the next 75 days, Townsend used an Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) machine and ventilator – two life support systems.

Doctors at UW Health determined in December that to survive Townsend she would need a double lung transplant – news her husband Derek delivered to her on Christmas Eve, the declaration mentionned.

Then her condition started to improve.

However, Townsend’s condition began to “improve significantly” – just days after being added to the waiting list for a lung transplant.

In fact, the declaration said that in mid-January she was moved out of the intensive care unit, taken off the ventilator, and then taken off the transplant waiting list.

A The Hill report, quoted Daniel McCarthy, doctor and director of the hospital’s ECMO program, who said in a video released Monday by the health system: “Particularly at first, we didn’t know if we were going to be able to support her through this, and then at the end of the day, there was still a lot of uncertainty as to how best to get her out of the hospital and home safely.

Townsend was “applauded and praised by health professionals” when she left the hospital in a wheelchair, The hill reported.

She went home – and there was ice cream.

Last Thursday she reunited with her family – including the girl she had never met, The hill reported – her son greeted her home with his “favorite ice cream”.


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