Dashly adds sales acceleration platform for brokers

Dashly, the sales tool for brokers and the mortgage appraisal platform, has rolled out its dashboard for businesses to drive sales.

The mortgage switching fintech has worked closely with a number of organizations for the next phase of its broker deployment program, including Tenet Group and MMD.

It also secured an exclusive deal for members of Paradigm Mortgage Services after a successful pilot project among its brokerage firms.

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Dashly’s Broker Deployment Program will give more businesses the ability to combine human advice and radical new technology to drive sales.

Ross Boyd, CEO of Dashly, said: “In a tech world, human advice is more important than ever.

“The complexity, uncertainty and increased competition in the market mean clients are overwhelmed trying to navigate comparison sites that don’t offer the kind of tailor-made deals a broker would make for the circumstances.” of each individual.

“This is exactly why, in our new TV commercial, we urge borrowers to tell their advisors about Dashly. Far from being the competition, we see brokers as our partners – and our dashboard will help them find better deals for their clients and ultimately improve their bottom line. “

Bob Hunt, Managing Director of Paradigm Mortgage Services, added, “It’s no secret that we are ambitious, and our focus over the past few years has been growth – for ourselves and for our members.

“And after a successful pilot project, we are excited to deploy this technology in more of our businesses.

“Dashly’s proposition, in many ways, was tailor-made for Paradigm and its brokers: it allows businesses to maintain a strong brand identity while taking advantage of highly specialized technology to get the best deals for their customers. , which promotes loyalty and trust and ultimately increased income. “

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