I eat like it’s my job

Sometimes I have to sit down, breathe and remember what I do for a living.

I eat.

Yes there is a lot more to this job. But as a writer and food critic, eating is at the heart of my work. I eat. I write about it. You read it.

If I do my job well, you taste what I taste. You see what I see and feel what I feel too. Sometimes it is easy. Other times, I sit and watch a blinking cursor wishing for words to appear (and ideally I pull you in). Sometimes there is no time to worry about such things. Sometimes deadlines loom and words have to be written. These are the times when I have to breathe, loosen my jaw, and remember my job.

I eat.

There was a lot to eat and write this week. So much to eat and write. Let us catch up.

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A tasting tour in Asia

Asia is a vast and varied continent, in land, in cultures and certainly in cuisine. At the end of Pacific Island Asian-American Heritage Month, I drew on my Asian roots to choose seven local restaurants that showcase the delicious diversity of this region. From beef jerky in Lao in Fort Myers to crackling Peking duck in Naples to chana masala in Cape Coral, these places offer wonderful dishes that transport you halfway around the world. Find my choices in News-Press and Daily News from Naples.

Have a nice burger day!

It’s always National Something Day. But today is National Burger Day. Or that’s what they say. I say, avoid the grill (so hot! So wet!) And head to a local restaurant instead. These 11 from the region serve up my favorite burgers. Burgers that require two hands and 62 napkins. The burgers that send your eyes to your head. The burgers that make you think burger day just might be a vacation worthy. More in the NDN and NP.

If Chief AJ Black builds it, they’ll come

“It looks like Chef AJ Black could travel to the ends of the earth and his fans would follow him,” writes Chelle Koster Walton. “The Islands of Capri may not be the dictionary definition of ‘ends of the earth’, but it comes close … Here, the former chef-owner of Il Tesoro restaurant in Sanibel has decided to write her next chapter, opening Osteria Capri in October in the longtime Blue Heron space on the shores of Johnson Bay Harbor. “Read on in the NDN and NP.

But wait, there is more …

• Chef Asif Syed of 21 Spices in Naples will host a charity dinner on June 3 for relief from COVID-19 in India. It’s eating for a cause, and it’s a win-win. More Andrew Atkins in the NDN and NP.

• During restaurant inspections, six restaurants in Lee County accepted their reports in early May, while one pizzeria was forced to close urgently. Find out who’s who and look for inspections statewide NP and the NDN.

• You may want to check your chicken. A public health alert was issued Monday for frozen and fully cooked chicken products distributed to consumers at local food banks in Florida because they could be contaminated with Listeria. Andrew has the details in the NDN and NP.

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Enjoy your meal!

Annabelle Tometich

(one of your friendly local JLBs)

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