Tester, Daines split on infrastructure spending

U.S. senators from Montana split their voices on the A $ 1 trillion infrastructure contract who emptied the room on Tuesday. Jon Tester and Steve Daines have different views on how the measure will be funded.

The bipartisan infrastructure plan was passed in the U.S. Senate on Tuesday by 69 to 30 votes, with 19 Republicans joining Democrats backing the bill.

Montana Democrat Jon Tester, who was involved in negotiating the deal, voted with the majority. Tester praised the bill when describing its impacts to reporters in Montana on Tuesday.

“Ultimately, honestly, that means this will bring the country and Montana into the 21st century, ”Tester said.

Tester maintains it will do so by ensuring, among other things, that the country’s public works systems are upgraded, broadband internet extended, and the country’s roads and bridges rebuilt, while creating well-paying jobs.

He and other supporters say it can be done without raising taxes, most of the funding coming from unspent coronavirus relief money.

“I’m just going to tell you this unequivocally, whether through the Joint Tax Commission or through the Congressional Budget Office, we’ve had assurance that this bill has been paid,” Tester said.

Montana Republican Senator Steve Daines doesn’t buy it. As promised, Daines voted against the infrastructure plan on Tuesday, saying the CBO believes the package will increase federal debt.

In a statement recently released by his office, Daines reportedly said, “The package not only increases debt, but increases it by $ 256 billion. This is absolutely unacceptable, especially at a time when families in Montana are already dealing with soaring inflation and skyrocketing prices for everything from gasoline to groceries. “

The infrastructure package faces an uncertain future in the US House where some progressive Democrats have signaled their frustration with what they say is its limited reach.

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