$ 45 million lost in spending and counting

The latest downtown spending figures show downtown businesses have lost more than $ 45 million in the past two weeks below Level 4, underscoring the need for further financial relief, Viv Beck said , Managing Director of Heart of the City, Auckland’s downtown business association.

Beck says “Auckland has been hit hard by COVID-19. Over $ 45 million in spending wiped out in two weeks is significant, imagine the impact this has on people and their businesses. Some will find it difficult to hang on any longer. With an average loss of over $ 35,000 per business, and the likelihood that a move to other levels won’t offer much relief for many, more support is urgently needed.

“In addition to this big loss of income, they still have fees to pay and Heart of the City supports the appeal of the Auckland Chamber of Commerce and the thousands of businesses that have signed their petition, to pay the payment. of resurgence support every week. This will not fully cover their costs, but it does mean that there is a contribution to both their staff costs and their running costs.

Additionally, Heart of the City wants the Resurgence Support payment to be tested against 2019 revenues as the wage subsidy can, to support businesses that do not qualify for this payment, even if they have been. severely affected by border closure.

“All shutdowns must be removed to help businesses survive what is still very uncertain times. For example, online rules need to be revised so that they are level and provide a level playing field. Businesses that can do business online safely should be able to function. Sympathy for our companies is not enough, they need tangible support.

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