Elections Canada announces campaign spending cap of about $ 30 million for three major parties – National

The Chief Electoral Officer of Canada has announced the initial limit on party spending for the election campaign, which is now in full swing.

The spending limits are based on the length of the voters list in each constituency as well as the number of constituencies where the respective parties have endorsed a candidate.

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Stéphane Perrault says the Liberals and the NDP – the only two federal parties to field a candidate in all 338 electoral districts – each face a spending cap of $ 30.03 million.

The Conservatives are capping at $ 29.95 million after losing a candidate after fending off a Nova Scotia candidate accused of sexual misconduct.

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Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party of Canada cannot spend more than $ 27.87 million, the Green Party $ 22.58 million after providing only 252 candidates and the Bloc Québécois $ 7.16 million, since it cannot occurs only in Quebec.

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Elections Canada indicates that the final spending limits for parties and candidates will be available on September 13 – exactly one week before polling day – after the revision of the lists of electors.

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