Puttur: young people give up their computer work and enrich the fertility of the land with manure made from manure

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Puttur, October 18: The experiment made by an engineer graduated from Puttur taluk using dung powder as an alternative to chemical fertilizers and thus improving the yield was successful. We constantly hear about the successful efforts of farmers to rid the country of chemical fertilizers. Jayaguru Achar, a resident of Hindaru village in the taluk, gave the organic farming field a new weapon in the form of dung powder. It does not use chemical fertilizers and is completely dependent on manure. He improved fertility and achieved increased yield.

The use of manure in agricultural fields is not a new experience. But this youngster showed that by processing manure, one can obtain various by-products useful in agriculture. Achar’s focal point is to highlight the importance of organic manure.

The manure collected in the barn is put in a tank. Using a pump, it is transmitted to the machine which separates the water from the feces. Manure powder and water with manure extracts are collected separately. Achar uses the manure powder left over after use in his plantation. He now sells the powder in 40 kg sachets. Some people come by vehicles to buy this powder. Each month, 750 to 1000 sachets are sold.

Achar also prepares the slurry by mixing the urine of the cattle, the water that was once used to wash the cattle and the manure extraction water. The slurry obtained is transported by the reservoir to the areca, coconut palms and vegetable gardens. It also supplies slurry to farms located up to a distance of 25 km. Slurry is also in good demand. After starting to use dung manure on his farm, instead of chemical fertilizer, Jayaguru Achar reveals that the areca nut rot disease is now gone.

Jayaguru has been fully involved in milk production for two years. He has 130 cows and contributes 750 liters of milk to the dairy each day. He says that using dung powder is beneficial because it has a bad smell and can be easily carried. He plans to expand the experiments on a large scale.

Jayaguru Achar was employed in an IT company after obtaining an engineering degree. In 2019, he left this job and supported his father’s dairy activity. He dreamed of stopping the use of chemical fertilizers. For the future, he has embarked on experimentation with manure preparation and is thus moving towards a revolution in cattle breeding.

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