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Chautauqua County continues to allocate federal funds to various local programs and projects.

At the County Legislature meeting on Wednesday, lawmakers backed seven different resolutions totaling nearly $ 1.5 million regarding American Rescue Plan Act funds.

The first resolution was $ 250,000 for the county trails. Half of that will go to the county’s public facilities department, which will spend $ 56,000 to repair bridges, culverts, waterway access points and signal boxes; $ 29,000 for equipment; and $ 40,000 for county parks, including the Luensman Overlook Park washrooms. The remaining $ 125,000 will go to the Chautauqua Regional Economic Development Corp. which will spend $ 29,500 for kiosks, signage, milestones, metal maps and culverts and $ 95,500 for the improvement of the Overland trails.

The second resolution authorizes $ 640,000 for the HVAC / interior quality improvement of county buildings in Mayville, including the courthouse, jail, Gerace office building and Hall R. Clothier building.

The third and fourth resolutions authorize $ 45,000 each for the airports of Dunkirk and Jamestown for various operating costs.

The fifth resolution authorizes $ 52,412 for new handguns for county MPs. The union of deputies also contributes to the purchase.

The sixth resolution authorizes the transfer of $ 400,000 to the county’s 2% occupancy tax program for lakes and waterways. The county has identified 14 projects that will receive funding. Details of the 14 projects were not included in the resolution.

The final resolution allows the county to spend $ 40,432 to digitize additional county records.

No one spoke on any of the resolutions and all were adopted unanimously.

Last month, the county authorized more than $ 8.2 million in spending on 16 different projects.

On March 11, President Biden enacted the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. The $ 1.9 trillion package, based on President Biden’s US rescue plan, is intended to combat the COVID-19 pandemic , including impacts on public health and the economy. Of that $ 1.9 trillion, Chautauqua County received $ 24.6 million.

The county has already received half of the funds and expects the remaining $ 12.3 million next year. The federal government does not allow the funds to be used to increase employee wages, pay down debt or reduce taxes. Chautauqua County officials determined earlier this year that he would use his money for public health, infrastructure, economic / workforce development, clean water, public safety and a few miscellaneous projects. .

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