Report cites high spending and poor conditions on New York’s national highways

The Empire State spends more per mile of road than 48 other states, but the road conditions are still poor, according to a new report.

The annual freeway report, published by Reason Foundation, a California-based free market think tank, classified each of the 50 states into 13 categories that include expense, pavement quality, safety, and congestion.

For expense categories, the more money states spent per mile, the lower they were ranked.

New York came in 49th place for total spending per mile of state-controlled highway –

$ 373,555 per mile – that’s $ 271,316 more per mile than California and $ 130,958 more per mile than Florida, according to the report.

New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Florida, and Rhode Island have the nation’s highest lane-mile spending on national highways.

The report used data submitted by state road agencies to the federal government from 2019 and looked at 2020 traffic data from transportation analytics company INRIX. The study also relied on a report on a bridge compiled by the Alabama-based construction media company Equipment World.

New York ranked low in 10 areas, including maintenance expense per mile, total disbursements per mile, bridge disbursements per mile – which means costs were high in these areas – and traffic congestion. urban areas.

While the study notes As costs in New York City are higher than in some other states, he says spending in New York City doesn’t translate into better roads and bridges or less traffic.

“Typically if you spend more money you get a better system, but that is not the case in New York,” said Baruch Feigenbaum, senior author of the report and senior general manager of transportation policy. to the Reason Foundation, in a press release. telephone interview.

The report found that the pavement and bridge conditions in New York City are lacking. The state was ranked 46th for urban interstate causeway condition and 39th for rural interstate causeway condition.

When it comes to traffic, New York was among the four most congested states, ranking 47th. According to the study, motorists find themselves stuck in an average of 53.60 hours of traffic per year in the state.

New York came in sixth place for the overall fatality rate on all roads. But the state is faring better overall than New Jersey, which was ranked last in overall freeway performance.

Responding to the report, Glenn Blain, spokesperson for the state Department of Transportation, said, “New York has one of the most aggressive road and bridge renewal programs in the United States and is investing more in modernization of its transport infrastructure than at any other time in the history of the state.

The $ 1.2 trillion federal infrastructure bill is also expected to help revitalize the state’s transportation system.

“These investments improve the safety of the traveling public and promote the economic competitiveness of New York City, which faces challenges that other states do not, including the age of existing infrastructure, extreme weather conditions and traffic volumes. high, ”Blain added.

Feigenbaum said New York has consistently ranked last in spending and highways and hopes any new funding “will be spent wisely.”

“For motorists, I think it’s frustrating,” Feigenbaum added. “It just shouldn’t cost that much money to get that quality of a road system.”

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