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Gavin Williamson’s candidate for Ofqual not qualified for the job, says Labor Party | Ofqual

Gavin Williamson’s candidate for England’s independent exams regulator has been criticized as unqualified, with Labor accusing the Education Secretary of giving “a close advisor a choice role” without relevant experience. Williamson appointed his Department of Education (DfE) policy adviser, Jo Saxton, to be Ofqual’s next chief regulator, despite Saxton’s inexperience …

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How to think rigorously about innovation

idea and innovation concept getty Innovation is tricky. Failure rates are high, often in the order of 90%. We have already learned a lot about the most effective approaches from Amazon’s PR / FAQs and Curt Carlson’s NABC developed by SRI International. Another interesting contribution comes from the book 2016, …

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