IT news – Infogima Wed, 22 Sep 2021 14:34:39 +0000 en-US hourly 1 IT news – Infogima 32 32 Energy suppliers Avro and Green become latest victims of energy crisis | Economic news Wed, 22 Sep 2021 13:52:30 +0000

Two other energy suppliers serving together more than 800,000 customers were victims of the crisis in the sector.

Avro Energy and Green have said they have gone out of business – the latter blaming “unprecedented market conditions and regulatory failures.”

Green, which has more than 250,000 customers and 185 employees, confirmed its collapse a day after Sky News revealed that he had hired advisers to monitor a possible insolvency.

Avro has 580,000 customers.

The announcements came as head of the regulator Ofgem told the deputies more suppliers could go bankrupt in the coming months after a spike in wholesale gas and electricity prices.

Meanwhile, Sky News revealed that Igloo, another small player in the industry, was close to being added to the injured list by calling in counselors – and stopped taking new clients.

Green said he was “leaving the market because the government was not providing support to small energy providers.”

He highlighted the conditions that had seen wholesale electricity and gas prices hit new records, due to a range of factors ranging from unplanned production disruptions, Brexit and extreme weather to global demand. , the blockage of the Suez Canal and a recent fire in a cross-Channel canal. interconnector.

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New Wittpenn Bridge opens October 1 and that’s good news for Hudson drivers Tue, 21 Sep 2021 22:05:56 +0000

Construction of the new Wittpenn Bridge began a decade ago and has caused countless traffic nightmares, but the wait is finally about to be over, state Department of Transportation officials say .

On October 1, the new span over the Hackensack River that connected Jersey City and Kearny – which cost just under $ 500 million to build – will be opened to traffic.

Kearny Police Chief George King, whose department may have been the most affected by construction, especially after access to Fish House Road was blocked from Route 7 East, said he was delighted.

“This is great news. I’m so happy to hear that it opens on October 1,” King told the Jersey Journal on Tuesday. “People might not realize how much pain all of this has caused. head to the department, but it does. If we were to go from downtown Kearny to South Kearny, we had to either take the toll highway to 15E – or go to Jersey City, maneuver there , make a U-turn then come back west or go on route 440. “

King says it wasn’t just a challenge for Kearny’s PD either. Whenever the Kearny Fire Department had to send platforms south, the firefighters had to take a similar route. When the bridge opens, King says he expects a significant improvement in response times from police, fire and EMS – and that’s the best news of all, he says.

“Before it didn’t matter that came in with lights and sirens,” King said. “Delays were everywhere no matter how they got to the area. We should see incredible improvement in the future. “

For Kearny Mayor Alberto G. Santos, who travels daily from his home in Jersey City where he works as the clerk of the Hudson County Board of Commissioners, the news of the new bridge opening is welcome.

“Not only is the existing bridge a bare-handed merry-go-round, but the temporary approaches to the old bridge from either side are also dangerous and confusing,” Santos said. “While there is a phase left on the approach to Jersey City and the exit of South Kearny that won’t be complete for another year, this is great news.”

Aerial view of the new Wittpenn Bridge, right, next to the soon to be opened Hackensack River Bridge between Jersey City and Kearny. Photo taken Tuesday, September 21, 2021 (Reena Rose Sibayan | The Jersey Journal)

Jersey City spokeswoman Kimberly Wallace-Scalcione said the Fulop administration is grateful to the state for its infrastructure investments in Jersey’s second largest municipality.

“We are grateful for the state’s investment in the new bridge – named after former Jersey City Mayor H. Otto Wittpenn – as we have worked locally to dramatically improve our transportation infrastructure, and the new Wittpenn Bridge is a welcome extension of one of the country’s most unique and busiest transportation hubs, ”said Wallace-Scalcione.

William W. Nilan drives a truck for a large corporation and his travels often take him from Pennsylvania to South Kearny and Jersey City. He says the last 10+ years have been anything but fun for him professionally.

“It was tough,” Nilan said. “Driving a big truck over this old bridge after going through a maze to get to it would be a challenge if it was a one-lane road in each direction. But it’s two. I am so happy to see the old one go and I am looking forward to the new one. It will make my job almost fun again. And a safer (heck) load.

Road signs on the new ramps leading to the bridge on Routes 1 and 9 are in place and signs directing drivers to the new Wittpenn Bridge are covered. They can also be seen on the new bridge by drivers traveling east on the old bridge.

The new span has 70 feet of clearance above the river, which means fewer openings and fewer traffic delays. It also has wider lanes with shoulders and sidewalks for pedestrians and cyclists. The old bridge has narrow lanes, no shoulders or center separation and is lower, all difficult features that drivers will not miss.

The project was built in five phases with an expected completion date of fall 2022 and early spring 2023, said Steve Schapiro, spokesperson for NJDOT. The original completion date for the entire bridge was 2022. Project costs fell from $ 473.4 million for the five phases combined to $ 495.8 million, according to a figure announced by officials last fall.

Larry Higgs of NJ Advance Media contributed to this report.

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Chris Davies on Jordan Dawson, Port Adelaide Power Priority Target, Touring Facilities, Jeremy Finlayson, Levi Casboult, Interested Clubs Mon, 20 Sep 2021 21:18:57 +0000

Port Adelaide has identified its “primary target” ahead of next month’s trading period.

In addition, two clubs showed their interest in an ax Blue very early on.

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Port Adelaide football boss Chris Davies has said Swan Jordan Dawson is the club’s number one target this commercial period.

The Power has been linked to both Dawson – who has requested a return to South Australia and is said to have visited the facilities of both clubs as his decision awaits him – and giant Jeremy Finlayson – who has passed a medical exam with Port last week.

But speaking on SEN radio, Davies said the club are still open to several different possibilities.

“We are entering the commercial period with an open mind to where we end up,” he said. SEN’s Dwayne World.

“It’s fair to suggest that Jeremy has ties to South Australia, and in regards to this particular medical that happened, we just want to be ahead of the game so that if we get through the commercial period and for Jeremy to become an option, we’re well positioned to make it happen.

“I would suggest our primary target be Jordan Dawson, but if that doesn’t materialize, we will be looking at other ways to improve our roster both throughout the trade period and the national draft.”

Swan Jordan Dawson (Photo by Steve Bell / AFL Photos / via Getty Images)Source: Getty Images

It comes after the great Kane Cornes of Port Adelaide told SEN on Monday that the Crows were the favorites for Dawson’s signing.

Sun Herald Journalist Jon Ralph said last week that Power and Crows are expected to offer him a five-year contract worth $ 500,000 per season.

Davies is awaiting a verdict from Dawson in the next few days.

“I imagine his decision as to where he wants to play his football in the future is probably imminent,” he said. SEN’s Dwayne World.

“As a club we thought we were putting our best foot forward. “


The Brisbane Lions and Gold Coast Suns are among the clubs that have shown an early interest in Blue Levi Casboult, according to reports. The Sun Herald.

Casboult, 31, was not offered a new contract by the Blues after an indifferent 2021 season hampered by a knee injury, playing 13 games.

But the report says the big man is staying in shape as teams file preliminary inquiries into him.

Casboult has played 154 AFL games since his debut in 2012.

Senior reports that Tom Morris first revealed that the Gold Coast Suns were set to sign free agent Tiger Mabior Chol on a four-year contract to secure their key actions, while Sam Day signed a two-year extension .

Meanwhile, the Lions are one of many clubs with a tight salary cap for 2022, but The sun herald the reports could bring Casboult with a base salary of around $ 120,000 plus matching payments.

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Rivian arrives. Here’s why it’s important Mon, 20 Sep 2021 10:58:00 +0000

Americans have always had exactly one choice when it comes to all-electric car makers: Tesla. From this month they will have another one.

Rivian Automotive Inc. rolled out its first pickup truck for repeat customers from its Normal, Ill. Assembly line last week, and the first deliveries are on the way. The vehicle is an important step towards the normality of electric vehicles. But that’s not the only reason Rivian matters.

One of the reasons is historical. If Rivian is successful, it will be only the third American automaker in a century not to die of bankruptcy. The others are Chrysler, founded in 1925, and Tesla, in 2003.

While a host of electric automakers are engaged in Sisyphus’ task of delivering a mainstream vehicle – Lucid Motors, Fisker Inc., Canoo, Bollinger Motors, and Lordstown Motors, to name a few – Rivian is , after a dozen years of effort, on the verge of actually doing it.

The other reason Rivian is important is the type of vehicle it is made.

“They will be the first to market an electric van,” said Chris Harto, policy analyst at Consumer reports. “It’s a big problem.”

Pickup trucks are by far the most popular vehicles in the country. Rivian’s $ 67,000 R1T pickup, which starts at $ 67,000, will soon be chased by two electric competitors: Ford’s F-150 Lightning and Tesla’s Cybertruck. But for a few months or more, Rivian will have the field on his own for a few months or more.

The pick-up occupies an important place, not only in the public imagination, but in the fight against climate change. Today’s pickup trucks are prodigious drinkers of diesel and gasoline.

“The gains in terms of emissions reductions… are so much greater than if the Prius driver upgraded to a Chevy Bolt,” Harto said, referring to General Motors’ electric compact.

Rivian is often compared to Tesla but has taken a very different approach. Its founder, RJ Scaringe, is not an iconoclast like Tesla CEO Elon Musk, and has forged close ties with American companies, attracting big investors like Ford and a historic order of 100,000 delivery vans from

An exciting vehicle, a head start and a lot of money are great assets for a new auto business, but are they enough?

Richard Reina, director of product training at the CARiD automotive website, points out that vehicles are the most expensive thing people buy outside of a home, and that pickup drivers are extremely loyal to the latest truck. that they bought.

“Rivian is completely unknown,” Reina said. “Imagine the average American customer and they’ll ask you, ‘Am I going to pick a brand I’ve never heard of? “”

Quiet road to glory

Rivian hit audiences in 2018 at the Los Angeles Auto Show when he debuted prototypes of the R1T, a pickup truck, and the R1S, an SUV.

What caught people’s attention was not only that they were electric – no one had revealed an electric truck at the time – but that they opened the door wide to outdoor enthusiasts as as “electric adventure vehicle”.

On stage, Scaringe, the founder, revealed that the van has a “gear tunnel” running across its width. An electric vehicle requires a lot less machinery underneath to move it, and Rivian used the extra space to create secure storage for gear like snowboards.

“They sort of recognize that” we don’t market to you the people who go to Home Depot and throw away a lot of cinder blocks. We are targeting people who will go to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and scramble it for a week, ‘”said Reina.

Scaringe also promised that the vehicle would cover 400 miles on a battery charge, go from zero to 60 mph in three seconds, tow 11,000 pounds, and sail in over 3 feet of water. The launch edition of the vehicle fulfills all of those promises, but the range: it covers 300 miles or more, with a 400-mile version expected next year.

Few onlookers knew that Scaringe, whose raven hair and tortoiseshell-rimmed glasses drew comparisons to Clark Kent, had worked hard on the idea for nearly a decade.

A Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate in mechanical engineering who says he always wanted to create his own car brand, he held his head down until his products were ready.

“To a certain extent, he’s the non-Elon Musk. He’s a methodical and very approachable guy,” said Alan Baum, an independent automotive business analyst in Detroit. He noted that before fame, Scaringe had been a staple in auto show lobbies for years.

Silver magnet

Before most people had even heard of Rivian, Scaringe had arranged in 2017 to purchase a 2.6 million square foot factory in Normal, Ill., Just outside Bloomington, at a clearance price. The cavernous installation had been abandoned by Mitsubishi Motors.

Scaringe had a knack for gathering allies with deep pockets.

“He did a great job raising money, a bit on the sly, from a number of very patient investors,” Baum said, “until he crossed the line.”

That line was crossed in 2019, when Rivian won a series of huge investments that bolted it on the machinery of American companies. Ford has invested $ 500 million;, $ 700 million. An additional $ 350 million came from Cox Automotive, which provides Rivian with a presence in automotive service and maintenance.

Then, in early 2020, came the news that any automaker would envy: Amazon has placed an order for 100,000 delivery vans, to be shipped in stages until 2030. A handful of boxy and blue-gray vehicles are currently being tested. on routes in Los Angeles and Amazon plan to roll them out to 16 cities by the end of the year.

In July, Ford and Amazon jumped in again, leading a second round of investment of $ 2.5 billion.

On Wednesday, CNBC announced that Rivian is planning an initial public offering of shares later this year, setting the value of the company at $ 8 billion. That would make it one of the biggest U.S. IPOs of the past decade.

The anti-Tesla

Rivian’s weapon link with corporate giants stands in stark contrast to Tesla, which has historically positioned itself as an insurgent destined to upset mainstream automakers.

“Rivian has had a respect for the traditional industry from the start,” said Brinley. “It helped them a lot compared to a company like Tesla… that wanted to reinvent everything.”

Two weeks ago, Motor trend published the first self-magazine of the R1T. The post was not disappointed, calling it “the most remarkable pickup we’ve ever driven”.

Rivian’s two avenues – as a desirable customer brand and as a button-down corporate fleet vehicle – have analysts believe there are multiple paths to success.

“This is one of the best positioned new electric vehicle startups of all time,” said Karl Brauer, automotive analyst at “I don’t think it will take 15 years for them to be profitable, like another EV startup.”

Which doesn’t mean the Rivian will have it easy. Experts said the biggest challenger on the horizon was not Tesla, but Rivian’s own partner, Ford, and its electric F-150 Lightning, due next spring. Citing strong customer interest, Ford announced last week that it would increase its Lightning production budget by $ 250 million and double its annual production target to 80,000 units.

The F-150 has been the best-selling vehicle in the United States for decades, and the fact that it’s going electric means the era of branding itself as an electric car startup is about to end.

“The ‘Watch us overtake the traditional automaker in terms of speed and innovation’ part of your plan is more difficult to execute after the F-150 Lightning,” Brauer said. “Tesla and Rivian can look at this thing and say, ‘Oh, shit. “”

Rivian, for all its novelty, has developed a footprint that will be difficult to maintain if sales don’t take off.

The company is developing dealerships and service centers across the country and building a nationwide network of charging stations in remote natural areas where its drivers are likely to be. It is currently trying to fill 1,500 jobs. It also has a sophisticated lobbying operation (Energy wire, July 22, 2020). Even before its massive first factory rolled out its first car, reports revealed Rivian was looking for a second factory.

Unlike Tesla, which has seen many successes and stumbles since 2008, Rivian has little time for error.

“They don’t have the same lead as Tesla, to experiment, to figure things out, without the competition,” Harto said.

Ultimately, Rivian’s greatest legacy may not be whether he survives, but what his unveiling in 2018 did to galvanize the race to convert the nation’s fleet of exhaust trucks. electric.

“Rivian’s threat is helping push traditional automakers,” Harto said. “Would the Ford F-150 Lighting exist if Rivian was not on the horizon? ”

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Liz Truss calls for the immediate release of all British detainees held by Iran | Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe Sun, 19 Sep 2021 23:01:00 +0000

New British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss will demand the immediate and permanent release of all British detainees held in Iran on Monday when she meets Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian in New York.

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, the largest of the dual nationalities, will mark her 2,000th day in detention in Iran on Thursday and his supporters have called on the foreign ministry to step up pressure on Iran by imposing sanctions on 10 officials believed to be involved in the hostage-taking state since 1979.

The 10 Iranians – lawyers, jailers and propagandists – are said to be subject to UK travel bans and asset freezes.

Speaking on the eve of her meeting, the first between Iran and the UK at foreign minister level since 2018, Truss said she would urge her Iranian counterpart to “ensure the immediate and permanent release of all British nationals arbitrarily detained in Iran, and to start working with us to mend our fractured relationship ”.

Sources told the Guardian on Sunday that a complex multi-state deal to secure the release of at least three British detainees collapsed earlier this year due to the release conditions of some American detainees.

The deal apparently involved transferring £ 400million to Iran via a Swiss bank account to cover long-standing and recognized debt dating back to the Iranian revolution.

Britain has always insisted that the release of British detainees, mostly binationals, cannot be tied to debt payment.

Truss also warned that continued delays in the new government’s return to talks in Vienna over the revised nuclear deal “mean less room for diplomacy.”

Tehran’s new hard-line government is still deciding on the composition of a negotiating team and its revised demands.

The Iranians will likely seek new guarantees on what would happen if the United States reverted to the deal and lifted the sanctions, but a future administration followed Donald Trump’s lead and once again withdrew. They want guarantees that the Europeans would be able to find a way around US sanctions and continue to trade with Iran.

Iran wants Russia and China to be allowed to use the EU’s financial mechanism designed to avoid US sanctions.

Zaghari-Ratcliffe was arrested in April 2016 and denied permission to leave Tehran after serving her original five-year sentence.

A dossier naming the 10 Iranians who could be sanctioned is sent to Truss by the Free Nazanin campaign and Redress, the legal advisers who demanded his release. They say they will submit two more lists of Iranian officials in the coming months, and that the list was compiled by talking to 25 families who were arrested, jailed and used as bargaining power.

Richard Ratcliffe, Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s husband, said: “Iran conducts its diplomatic affairs by taking hostages, in part because it is free.

“British citizens will not be protected from hostage-taking by words and sound bites, but by actions which cause the perpetrators to reassess their calculations and consider the personal costs – for their role in what is a crime organized in series. “

He added: “Diplomacy is not an abstract science; it must be personal. This means that the foreign minister must be proactive when she engages with Iran next week, and she must be courageous. Or there will be more hostages taken by Iran and new imitating regimes. “

Truss is the fifth UK Foreign Secretary to receive the Zaghari-Ratcliffe dossier, and many of them have vowed to leave no stone unturned, but so far none have wanted to describe his arrest, conviction and detention like hostage-taking by the state.

Redress claims his case is that of at least 30 foreign nationals who have been arbitrarily detained in Iran for diplomatic influence in recent years.

The 10 Iranians reportedly facing sanctions were allegedly involved at various stages of his detention, ranging from initial arrest and interrogation, legal proceedings, mistreatment in prison amounting to torture, false propaganda and its deployment as an asset in diplomatic negotiations.

For security reasons, the campaign is not releasing the names of the 10 at this point.

Redress claims that Iran’s practice of arbitrarily detaining, torturing and mistreating foreigners and dual nationals to exert diplomatic influence over other states amounts to hostage-taking by the state, in effect both and in law.

He adds that the practice of hostage-taking by the Iranian state constitutes “sanctionable activity” under the UK’s global human rights sanctions regime and its sanctions regime against Iran. in human rights.

Some of the identified perpetrators have already been sanctioned.

The campaign is in part an effort to persuade governments, not just in the UK, to recognize that they face a systematic practice that must be identified before it can be eradicated.

On several occasions, British Foreign Secretaries have agreed that Zaghari-Ratcliffe was a hostage, but in general they have been reluctant to say the same in public.

Since his arrest in April 2016, Zaghari-Ratcliffe has spent more than eight months in solitary confinement and has been denied emergency medical treatment.

She was released from house arrest on March 7 of this year, but was immediately retried on a second set of charges on March 14. She was sentenced to an additional one year in prison and a one year travel ban on April 26. This sentence has not yet been carried out pending the outcome of an appeal, which has not yet been decided.

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Targeting MCAS, union links it to white supremacy | New Sun, 19 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000

On Monday, teachers plan to call on lawmakers to eliminate the requirement for students to pass the MCAS exam in order to graduate and replace it with what they say is a larger framework that features “forms. more authentic demonstration of student results ”.

The legislation (S 293 / H 612) sponsored by Senator Jo Comerford and Representative James Hawkins, which is due to be heard on Monday before the education committee, also calls for the creation of a grant program to support communities in their district-based development. evaluation models.

Lawmakers have upheld the MCAS graduation requirement, which proponents say is a way to measure student achievement and hold schools accountable, amid complaints that educators must “teach until the test.” And that students are forced to spend too much time on the exam and its preparation.

In a statement released Friday, the Massachusetts Teachers Association said that “the influence of MCAS has allowed white supremacy to flourish in public schools, effectively alienating students with diverse backgrounds and differentiated learning styles.” .

“The implementation of MCAS and other standardized tests has had the exact opposite effect of what was supposed to happen when the system was introduced over 20 years ago,” said MTA President, Merrie Najimy. “Public schools in predominantly black and brown communities have been taken over by state bureaucrats who have used standardized testing as a tool not to improve opportunities for students, but rather as a tool to remove public education from the hands of families and educators who know best what their students need.

The MTA said its vice-president, Max Page, believed the MCAS “does a better job of measuring the socio-economic conditions of students than their academic abilities.”

The Education Committee’s virtual hearing on the Assessment and Accountability Bills begins at 11 a.m. on Monday.

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Red Deer files complaint with ombudsman regarding consolidation of ambulance dispatch Sat, 18 Sep 2021 17:05:00 +0000


Red Deer City Council voted unanimously to file a formal complaint with the Alberta Ombudsman against the province’s decision to consolidate the regional distribution of ambulances.

The Ombudsman is an impartial officer of the Legislative Assembly who can investigate any decision made by the provincial government or departments, agencies, boards and commissions.

The city said in a statement that since the consolidation of the distribution of ambulances in January this year, regions have experienced significant problems and increased risks to patient care.

“Our communities have tried every means to communicate with our government that this system is flawed and to strongly challenge its effectiveness, but our calls for a third party review remain unanswered,” said Tara Veer, mayor of Red Deer, in a statement.

“With a municipal election looming, we want to reassure all Albertans, and Alberta Health Services, that we will not give up the fight for what we know is in the best interests of patient safety,” added Veer. “We hope that the filing of this formal complaint with the Alberta Ombudsman reiterates that we will exhaust all possible avenues to review the government’s decision.”

According to the city, the removal of the local and integrated distribution of EMS has impacted the health and safety of Albertans in Red Deer and Lethbridge, Calgary and the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

Red Deer is asking all Albertans who have been negatively affected by the consolidation of ambulances or who have experienced delays to share their stories.

“We call on the citizens and all municipalities of Alberta to join us in our fight to restore regional distribution of ambulances by writing to your local MP, the Minister of Health and the Premier with your concerns about the how this consolidation has affected the dispatch and response times of ambulances, ”says Veer.

In October last year, Health Minister Tyler Shandro said consolidating ambulance dispatch is a best practice around the world and the move would save the province $ 9 million a year that could be invested in improving services.

With files from CTV News Calgary’s Bill Macfarlane and Ryan White

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The Latest: India Gives 25 Million Doses of Vaccine on Modi’s Birthday Sat, 18 Sep 2021 07:30:00 +0000

NEW DELHI – India distributed 25 million doses during a special COVID-19 vaccination campaign held on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday.

The campaign took place on Friday when Modi was 71 years old. The Health Ministry said on Saturday that the special campaign had brought the total number of vaccinations in India to more than 790 million.

Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya called the feat “a golden chapter … written in the history of the country and the world”.

Only China administered more. The Chinese government said this week that it had administered more than 2.16 billion vaccines and one billion Chinese were fully vaccinated.

India, a country of nearly 1.4 billion people, administered at least one dose to over 62% of eligible adults and two doses to around 21%. Health ministry officials said they plan to administer more than a billion vaccines by mid-October.

India has reported more than 33 million cases of coronavirus and 444,529 deaths. The country registers more than 30,000 new cases of COVID-19 per day.



– US panel supports COVID-19 boosters only for the elderly, at high risk

– Crisis care standards guide medical decisions as COVID-19 overwhelms hospitals

– UN uses honor system to check vaccinations for a big meeting

– Many religious leaders will not approve vaccine exemptions

– See AP coverage at



MELBOURNE, Australia – Police used pepper spray to subdue protesters on Saturday during an anti-containment rally in Melbourne, Australia’s second largest city.

About 1,000 protesters gathered in the Richmond suburb after the location of the protest was changed at the last minute to evade authorities.

There were minor scuffles as well as a violent confrontation involving a handful of protesters. Several demonstrators were arrested.

Most of the protesters defied the regulations by not wearing masks.

Some 2,000 police were deployed to checkpoints and barricades, as well as on itinerant patrols, in an attempt to prevent the gathering from taking place in violation of public health orders.

Melbourne’s 6th lockdown began on August 5. Melbourne is the capital of the state of Victoria, which on Saturday reported 535 new infections and one death from COVID-19 in the past 24 hours.


JOINT BASE ELMENDORF-RICHARDSON, Alaska – Military commanders at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson have declared a public health emergency in response to the increase in COVID-19 cases in Alaska.

They also encouraged all staff to avoid places that do not require masks or social distancing, officials said.

U.S. Air Force Col. Kirsten Aguilar said on Friday the statement would remain in effect for 30 days, but could be shortened or extended depending on cases and community transmission of COVID-19.

Hospitalizations and cases of COVID-19 statewide have increased due to the highly contagious delta variant. Alaska reported more than 1,200 new confirmed cases per 100,000 people on Friday in the past two weeks.


PAGO PAGO, American Samoa – American Samoa reported its first case of the coronavirus on Friday.

The acting governor and U.S. Territory health officials said the islands’ first case of COVID-19 was from a resident who returned from Hawaii to American Samoa this week.

The infected traveler arrived on Monday, the first day of newly resumed commercial flights from Honolulu to Pago Pago. The course had been suspended since March 2020.

Authorities say the resident was fully vaccinated and had traveled to Hawaii and the Americas. They say the traveler tested negative for COVID-19 before boarding the return flight to American Samoa.

American Samoa requires all travelers to be vaccinated and quarantined.


BATON ROUGE, Louisiana – A child is among the last to die from COVID-19 in Louisiana, state health officials said Friday.

Health department figures showed the state’s death toll from the disease rose by 52. ​​One of the victims was a child aged 5 to 11. Fifteen people under the age of 18 have died in Louisiana since the start of the pandemic. And this is the sixth pediatric death since the start of a fourth outbreak this summer.

Coronavirus hospitalizations continued to decline. They fell to 1,367 in Friday’s figures, 64 less than the day before. Hospitalizations are down from a peak of over 3,000 in August, but remain well above pre-peak midsummer levels.

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Lethbridge clinic to close because there are not enough doctors Fri, 17 Sep 2021 19:08:01 +0000


Patients at a Lethbridge clinic are being forced to find new family doctors after nearly a dozen doctors leave, highlighting a crisis that has plagued the city for some time.

Bigelow Fowler’s South Clinic, located on South Ninth Avenue, announced it was closing in late November after 11 doctors said they were leaving the practice.

Officials at the location say they haven’t been able to recruit new doctors to replace them and that is affecting patient care.

All affected patients will receive official notification, Bigelow Fowler said.

The development comes just weeks after Lethbridge residents announced they had to travel to Calgary or other communities in southern Alberta for medical treatment.

Those who spoke to CTV News said they were surprised at the shortage and how the city couldn’t attract more doctors.

Letters to patients from their family physicians shifted some of the blame to the provincial government.

When contacting the office of Southern Alberta MLA Grant Hunter, CTV learned that Health Minister Tyler Shandro was aware of the issue and was working to resolve it.

Hunter insisted, however, that there was no shortage.

“As far as what’s going on in Lethbridge, there might be a micro-situation there that we need to sort out,” he said on September 14.

In the meantime, Bigelow Fowler’s remaining doctors at the clinic will be moving to its east or west clinics.

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AFL news 2021, interview with Collingwood coach Craig McRae on AFL 360, Scott Pendlebury, Nick Daicos Fri, 17 Sep 2021 07:11:00 +0000

New Collingwood coach Craig McRae has spoken on several key topics as he begins his first season at the helm of the struggling club.

McRae, who was unveiled a fortnight ago as Nathan Buckley’s permanent successor, faces an important task to lead the rebuilding of the Magpies.

Since appearing in the 2018 Grand Final, Collingwood has finished fourth and then sixth before falling drastically to 17th this season.

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Speaking on Fox Footy’s AFL 360 On Thursday night, McRae discussed his early conversations with players, including Scott Pendlebury, the club’s recent assistant coach appointments, the impending acquisition of father-son prodigy Nick Daicos, and off-season plans and his philosophy for the club. Game.


McRae’s first personal assignment was to spend an hour with each of the players and staff, wanting to ‘sow right before the seed’ to make sure everyone is on the same page and ready to grow together. .

He’s already spoken to almost 30 players and around half a dozen staff, and arguably none of those conversations are more important than with champion skipper Scott Pendlebury.

The 33-year-old out of contract raised eyebrows last month when he said he would consider leaving the Holden Center on a longer player coaching contract elsewhere, but has since pledged his commitment to stay at the club .

McRae said he spoke to Pendlebury about his future and reiterated that a decision on the captain’s position is in the hands of the 334 players.

Collingwood skipper Scott Pendlebury (Photo by James Elsby / AFL Photos via Getty Images)Source: Getty Images

“I just have great respect for ‘Pendles’, having worked with him before and knowing his status at the club and at the game,” said McRae.

“It was (their conversation) around what he had seen before, some things we can work on in the future and a little bit about himself too (and) his young family – I didn’t know his. two kids before my time there, I’m just getting to know him a little more than I have.

“We did (talk about his future) and I’m going to keep that between him and me for now. I still think he has a lot to offer our football club in different roles.

“I said this openly before I thought it was up to him to decide what he wants to do with this and it will take its own course.”


Collingwood announced two key additions to their coaching staff earlier this week in Justin Leppitsch (Chief Strategy Officer and Defensive Coach) and Brendan Bolton (Coaching Director and Midfield Coach) following the departures of Robert Harvey and Brenton Sanderson, the latter of whom may remain at the club in a different role.

McRae and Leppitsch share particularly close ties, having played together for the Brisbane Lions, notably in the club’s three Premier League victories from 2001 to 2003 – including two against the Magpies ironically – also both coaches under Damien Hardwick in Richmond .

“Everyone knows that we are very close, we talk to each other two or three times a week. I wanted a diverse group of coaches and to allow players to have different experiences than the group of coaches, ”said McRae.

“’Leppa’ brings a tremendous amount of experience and he’s really good at what he does. The luck for me is that I know what he’s really good at, so I have to allow him to express himself in those areas.

New Collingwood coaching staff Justin Leppitsch, Craig Macrae and Brendan Bolton (Photo: Twitter)Source: Twitter

Meanwhile, McRae has worked alongside Bolton in Hawthorn this year under Alastair Clarkson, confident his more structured approach will help balance him and Leppitsch.

“He’s exceptional at what he does. It’s really structured and I think that’s going to compliment ‘Leppa’ and myself and the other coaches who will be there, ”said McRae.

“He’s just going to keep us on track, I know he’s going to plan a really good preseason with all of us involved. He will make us all better, he is a great teacher and this young group will really benefit from it.


Father-son prodigy Nick Daicos has officially been named to join Collingwood, which is emerging as a key part of the club’s rebuilding.

But what complicates matters slightly is that the Magpies currently don’t have enough draft points to match a likely pick 1 offer – which would cost 2,400 points with the 20% discount – with current selections from Collingwood (picks 33, 39, 41 and 45) totaling just over 1,700 points.

This means the Magpies must either add more picks to the draft via the upcoming trade period, or go into a points deficit the following year, where their top pick would then be pushed back enough places to make up the shortfall – the latter. which the club would like to avoid during its reconstruction

Father-son prodigy Nick Daicos (Photo: Michael Klein)Source: News Corp Australia

It comes 12 months after the club’s trade exodus in 2020 due to pressure on the salary cap, while football boss Graham Wright admitted earlier in the year that there was still some sort of ‘hangover’ Of wood”.

When asked if the club plan to be active in the next trading period while considering the need to acquire Daicos, McRae said: “I just figured that out, we have another meeting Friday so there is a little bit to play on that.

“Nick is obviously an important acquisition for us – I also had a conversation with him for an hour – I really enjoyed chatting with him as an exciting young talent on board.

“I need to get a little more up to date on exactly what’s going to happen around this. ”


Co-hosting AFL 360 On Thursday night, Richmond champion Jack Riewoldt praised McRae’s “fantastic football philosophy” after working together with the Tigers, stressing that he focuses on the fun as well as the technical side of the game.

McRae, noting that he enjoys “telling stories and jokes,” said a key priority was to create an open environment where everyone can be themselves.

“If that means you’re a funny guy like you Jack, let’s be that guy.” We’re not always like that, but I just want everyone to be in front of everyone and to be themselves, ”he said.

Formerly a Melbourne Storm kicking coach and passionate about the kicking routine, McRae said improving skills would be another goal.

“We’re going to be very busy with our fundamentals as part of our game where we need to improve,” he said.

“We’re going to have almost 20 players in their first to third year, so we have to get back to work. Even talking to ‘Pendles’ he was really excited about it, revisiting the fundamentals of the game. ”

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