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5 Ways To Curb Impulse Spending Business

Since the COVID-19 vaccine began to be available, there have been more opportunities to spur spending on items and experiments that you couldn’t enjoy at the start of the pandemic. With the freedom to do more, consumers spend more. For the first seven months of 2021, retail sales increased 15.5% …

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$ 45 million lost in spending and counting

Wednesday September 1, 2021, 6:12 p.m.Press release: Auckland, the heart of the city The latest downtown spending figures show downtown businesses have lost more than $ 45 million in the past two weeks below Level 4, underscoring the need for further financial relief, Viv Beck said , Managing Director of …

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Many companies spend too much or too little on security

All businesses should devote money and resources to cybersecurity, in order to protect their operations and ensure a profitable future. But how much should they actually spend? Most organizations spend too much or less on cybersecurity solutions, according to a new analyst report from Nucleus Research. The report offers a …

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